Monday, October 5, 2009

A Beautiful Morning Photo Gallery from Dig Me Beach - Monday Morning in Kona, Hawaii

Remember, you can just click any of the photos below to see larger images.

Jochen Diedrich & Andrea Naumann also model for the Grey's Anatomy book


Michellie Jones heads for the water

Swim cap over the ears, right?

Pre-swim hug

Chrissie Wellington getting ready for the swim, sure she looks ripped up, but I still want to hand her a cheeseburger with some fries.

Which way?

Thierry Deketelaere owner of Triathlete France

Ready to swim

Lee & Cherie Gruenfeld

My favorite person on the pier today - his name is Ken. He is retired, and has been living in Kona for 27 years. He's been able to swim at the pier for 7 years - but was only able to start swimming here when they put the railing in, because he wants to be able to get in and out of the water without help. A hero - he's got a permanent smile on. I asked, "how are you?" and he looked at me with the biggest happy face and said "I'm still alive, it's a great day." You really should click this image above to see the large version of this photo.

Another day

Now, that's an Ironman Tatoo.

He's from the tropics

Jesse Du Buy & Co, ready to go.

Kai & Glynn



Kodak Moment

Sun getting higher


Chris Legh, with his wife Sarah and daughter Jamieson and yes, it's another daughter, 4 months old, but that means, you guessed it, SHE had a baby 4 months ago? Are you kidding, look at her stomach. Ok, wow.

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