Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photo and Video Gallery of Dig Me Beach & The Path 10k & 5K Run -- Always On Sunday the Weekend Before Ironman!

Check out this photo and Video Gallery from this mornings events in Kona...
You can expand any photo just by clicking on it!

Clear water, calm ocean.

The wandering eye wall.

Unique idea (of German origin?) Use a rubber glove to put the glide product on. It's hard to get it off your hands so what a great idea apply it with a rubber glove, then you can still clean your goggles with your fingers. You don't want to get your anti-friction product on your goggles, becuase it clouds them up with a hard-to-remove slime.

Michellie Jones arrives at the Pier

Who can guess what kind of clouds those are Stratus, Nimbus, Cumulus, or Cirrus?

I'm ready to race. Photo credit: Linsey Corbin

After the race, I'm here with Gerry Rott and Roch Frey - it was hot. Gerry is one of my greatest friends and was the first person ever to sign up for the online registraion service with for her amazing race - she is the founder and owner of the Lavaman Triahtlon Series - which just opened registraion, click here to register!

Heather Fuhr, a superstar - ready to race the 10k.

A family affair.

Don Ryder - and, look in the crowd... someone was happy to see me, (I was making the same face back at her) - my friend Nicole Deboom, the founder of - What a great idea she had, check it out online!

Linnea Humphrey and Glenn Rossitter after a fast one!

Don Ryder, announcing guru.

Ready to Race!

Joe Bonness (a.k.a. Superman) and Larry Black on Sunday Morning near Lava Java.

And now, Check out these short videos below from this mornings Path 10k and 5k. I ran the 5k and filmed my finish - making it across the line 4th overall with a time of 19:30, running 6:17min/mile - check out the finish video below!

Remember, Press the PLAY only ONE TIME below - then wait for video to start.

.Path 10K Run Start in ...

The start of the 10k run, can you find Heather?

.. in . | V .

Finishing the 5k this morning.

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