Friday, October 2, 2009

Ironmitch's Coverage of Ironman Hawaii 2009 - Video and Photo Gallery Part I

This morning, waking up to sound of the waves and the clear ocean air, I remembered that Kona is a very, very special place. I'll be racing again this year, and I'm here to bring you more tips and secrets all week, along with photos, videos and more, so bookmark this page or subscribe to the feed. To get started, here are some fantastic shots and moments from this morning, Friday, October 2nd - a week before Ironman Eve.

During the swim this morning, a large pod of dolphins surrounded many of the swimmers and swam along, checking us out with clicks, whistles and by jumping out of the water. I've never been that close to wild dolphins, and there were many baby dolphins in the pod. Some dolphins were even jumping over swimmers at one point. They are hanging out by the large white metal buoy just to the right of the third orange buoy, past the jet-ski platform.

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Welcome to Ironmitch's Coverage of the 2009 Ironman World Championships!

Early morning at Dig Me Beach in Kailua Kona...

The Buoys. Be extra careful out there this year, the sea urchins have not all been cleared away, so keep your feet up.

Post swim Corbinites.'s Kurt Hoy taking a profile shot of Craig Alexander

The Cruise Ships tourists are out in force. Little do they know that people their age and far beyond, will finish this race next Saturday.

Santa Barbara Police Officer David Gonzales pictured here. He's an age group triathlete, but this year he's working the registration. If you see him, be sure to say hello.

Triathlete coach and abs model Sergio Borges, check out his video below...

Wherever you are, what ever your doing, let me know what you want to see while I'm here, if you want me to interview a friend of yours, or just get a photo of the best food at Lava Java - let me know by posting a comment here or sending me a facebook message. Let's make this some fun, interactive coverage...

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.TTV - Kona in Sports | View More .
Watch this video for a race week tip from Sergio Borges

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Belinda Granger sees dolphins!

.Craig Alexander sees Manta Rey in triathlon | View More .
Craig Alexander sees a manta rey!

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  1. Hey Mitch:

    As always thanks for reporting from Kona. Your blog is great as it gives those of us that can't qualify and have little luck in the lottery a great opportunity to take in a little of the Kona flavor.

    How about a few questions and/or photos of one of Kona's most consistent performers over the past few decades, the beautiful Fernanda Keller. Wish her the best on race day.

    Thanks Mitch and best of luck to you as well,

    Jim Roeder