Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kona Morning Report from Dig Me Beach

Another beautiful morning in Kona.
(remember you can always click any photo to see a larger image, anytime!)

How many triathletes do you think actually read this? Reef overview sign? what sign?

Shadows soon to become brightly lit souls.'s Kurt Hoy photographing at dig me beach, check out his photos by clicking here.

Ok, Linsey - Nice abs. online Editor Liz Hichens gets ready for a swim.

Camp photos.

The glimmer of hope.

Triathlete Supermodel Linsey Corbin is in top shape this year.

I swam with Chris Lieto today - he is here with Kurt Hoy.

With almost certainty, I can say that the person on the left has a bench press in his bedroom, and on the right...I think he's about to swat a girly-fly. Ja.

Let's face it, one of the great things about Dig Me Beach is the rocking bodies that triathletes from around the world display. That's why every year, I shoot a "butt blog" or the best of the Dig Me Beach butts. That's coming soon - so stay tuned.
Steve Godwin, video producer and editor extraordinaire at the starting line.

And check out the video interview below of an athlete that was hit by a car last week and still plans to race!

Click the Play button below JUST ONCE, then wait a moment and the video will begin.

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