Monday, September 21, 2009

Amey and Dogana, the first stars of the TriStar200 Andalucía

Paul Amey, winner of the inaugural edition: “This is more fun than an Ironman!”

The inaugural Challenge TriStar200 Andalucía Doñana Challenge developed dramatically, uniting the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz and through the Doñana National Park. Paul Amey (GBR) and Italy's Martina Dogana are the first winners of a unique race that has had very positive resonance from the more than 200 participants who were up for the challenge of this new competition format.

One of the great innovations, the start of the peloton cycling, has facilitated a good battle between several riders who decided to break away in the ascent to Medina Sidonia. Thomas Darby (FIN) had a 12 seconds lead ahead of Ramon Garcia (ESP) and Austrian Alexander Wilhelm Franc, while Paul Amey (GBR) would take the lead from kilometer 110. On the women’s side, Tiina Boman (FIN), Martina Dogana, Christel Robin (FRA) and Nieve Infante from Andalucía dominated the bike leg.

After crossing the River Guadalquivir Paul Amey was still in the lead and none of his pursuers, including Spaniard Marcel Zamora who managed to make up a lot of time on the run, could close the gap. The renowned British triathlete Amey completed the 200 miles of the Doñana Challenge in 6:09:40. "It was fantastic; it's more fun than an Ironman! It has been a real challenge to feel the loneliness in Doñana, and running on the beach on sand has been a new experience. I will definitely participate in more events of the TriStar series!” Marcel Zamora was also satisfied with his participation in the TriStar200 Andalucía and remarked "it is a very attractive and interesting event that will attract many more participants for the next edition - it is perfectly organized. Alejandro Santamaria completed the podium three minutes behind Zamora...

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