Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Novel Features Triathlete Hero

Check out this exciting new novel by author Jeff Donahue, a thriller featuring a triathlete protagonist.

No Finish Line by Jeff Donahue is a novel of intense competition, intrigue and the extreme endurance of the human body. When Alex Foreman completes his first win in an Ironman triathlon event, he is approached by a stranger who offers him an invitation to an exclusive race: a triathlon with no finish line. Alex agrees and soon finds himself trapped on a private island with fellow competitors, forced to literally run for their lives.

"I was inspired to write the book after completing Ironman Florida in 2005," Donahue says. "There are very few works of fiction based on the sport of triathlon, one of the fastest-growing competitive events in the world. My hope is that this book will speak to the growing audience of triathletes and fans."

Soon after arriving on the island for the mysterious race, Alex and other competitors learn that when they drop out of the race they will be shot and killed, all for the entertainment of an elite group of spectators. Left at home and worried for her husband's safety, Alex's wife Kara alerts the FBI. Now Alex must find a way to stay alive until federal agents are able to find the island and end the race without a finish line.

About the Author
Jeff Donahue is an assistant vice president of finance for a life insurance company and an avid swimmer, runner and triathlete. A graduate of Bentley College, he has competed in triathlons of various distances, from short sprints to Ironman competitions. He resides in Melrose with his wife Bonnie and three children. This is his first novel.

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