Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Your Future Triathlon Bike

My friend Leo Zugner, an industrial designer, came up with this amazing concept bike. Bikes like this may never make the market, but new designs from innovative designers will refresh how we think about bike design every year. Leo's design may give us a glimpse into the future of cycling. His idea is a completely "green" bike for off-season riding. The front forks are made of a bamboo-plywood composite. The frame and wheels are made from a composite using spider silk instead of carbon fibers. The tires are made of recycled rubber and all of the binders are derived from soy. The inspiration was the shape of a mosquito. Another one of Leo's designs is below, a concept bike for BMW's F1 team.

Leo Zugner is a good friend and I've had the opportunity to see some of his truly innovative designs. He has a bachelor's degree in industrial design from The Art Institute of California-Orange County, and one in graphic design from West Virginia University. If anyone is looking for a superstar industrial designer, contact him at You can also visit Leo's website here to see some of his incredible concept products.

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