Friday, February 6, 2009

Documentary Tracks Three Triathletes

In one scene of a new movie detailing the arduous journey to Ironman Wisconsin 2008, Ted Wuebben tells the camera how his wife, Tammy, has lost the balance between training and spending time with him and their three children.

In a moment of near defeat, would-be competitor Dave Jesse laments the loss of structure in both his life and training, after his company shuts down and he loses his job in March.

And in a classic college scene, Josh Cowdy spends a Thursday night playing a drinking game with his roommates, guzzles tall beers, then bemoans the lousy quality of his Friday training sessions.

Jesse, Cowdy and Tammy Wuebben are the ordinary athletes that Rich Ratay filmed, along with their families, through nine months of training to the finish line of their first Ironman triathlons in Madison on Sept. 7.

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