Monday, January 26, 2009

Triathlete Swims Through Ice

My friend Dan Powell has done over 150 triathlons since he started in 1989. He's done 17 Half Ironmans, and 14 Ironmans on six continents, including the World Championship in Kona. There wasn't a cool race among them. The average temperature was 95 degrees; the average humidity was 90%.

So it was a big change for Dan to dive into the 35-degree water of Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver, Colorado. Even wearing a dry suit, those are still pretty darn cold swimming conditions--freezing, in fact. With each stroke, the warmth and weight of Dan's body would break the ice, allowing him to keep swimming.

If winter training conditions have you glued to the couch, let Dan's story (and that amazing photo) be your inspiration!

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