Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kind Words From a Fellow Ironman

It's wonderful to hear feedback about Starting Lines, especially when the feedback is this kind and inspiring! Thanks a lot, Erika, and keep training smart. I'm on a bunch of social networks and would love to connect with triathletes around the world, to add me just click here to check out what social networks I'm using and send me a friend request.

"Dear Mitch,

You don't know me as more than a "Facebook friend" but I just picked up the January 2009 issue of Triathlete Magazine. Each month I look forward to reading your Starting Lines contribution. You write very eloquently, especially when it is regarding a topic close to so many peoples' hearts, the Ironman. I too have experienced the IM from all angles (participant, spectator, and volunteer) and it is an experience like no other! Your description of your "rooftop Ironman" made me smile - you definitely have an out-of-the-box way of thinking! Love it! Keep up the great work!

All the best,
Erika F.

P.S. Kudos on being able to race and film simultaneously! Had I tried that, it would have most likely had a finale in the ER!"

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