Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Australian Triathlete Killed in Shark Attack

Yesterday, a small group of friends and family mourned the death of triathlete Brian Guest in small ceremony at Port Kennedy, Australia. At 7:00 AM, two days after Christmas, Guest was in the water with his son when what was presumed to be a great white shark attacked and killed him. Witnesses reported seeing a fin and blood in the water. Guest's body has not yet been found.

Minutes before the service began, a shark was spotted just feet away from the sight of the tragedy. A sea rescue boat searched the area and swimmers left the water. Water Police in the area reported another shark sighting close to Port Kennedy beach yesterday morning. According to the Department of Fisheries, sharks have been sighted in the area because they are currently feeding on schools of spawning snapper.

After the memorial service, Guest's three children, Danie, 24, Amy, 21 and Tom, 18 dove into the water and swam to the diving flag where their father was last seen. Amy described Guest as "a man of the sea," saying, "We are just glad he went on the ocean. It was his passion."

Guest taught his children to respect the shark population, and was an adamant that the creatures should be left alone. Like Guest, triathletes must realize that we share the water with an animal that can sometimes prove to be dangerous and unpredictable. For tips from National Geographic on avoiding a shark attack, click here. Most shark attacks happen at dawn and dusk, including the attack in Solana Beach last year. Be sure to read the rest of the tips on avoiding an attack.

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