Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woman Plans To Swim 2,100 Miles In Her Latest Great Endurance Feat

Amazing feats of endurance are no novelty to 56-year-old mother Jennifer Figge. She has run 400 miles across France and 576 miles across South America. She has swum across the Strait of Gibralter, from Turkey to Greece, and through Syndey Harbor.

But all of this pales in comparison to her latest planned feat, in which she will swim across the
Atlantic Ocean, from the Cape Verde Islands off the African coast to Barbados. She's allotting just over two months for the 2,100-mile voyage, which means she will swim six to eight hours each day.

Figge will swim behind a sailboat, in a specially designed shark cage to ward off the predators that frequent those waters. She'll push off from land on December 1st.
To read the complete story and view a video interview, click here.

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