Friday, November 21, 2008

Nancy Reinisch Used Triathlon to Conquer Breast Cancer

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. In April 2006, Colorado triathlete Nancy Reinisch became a statistic at age fifty-three when a lump in her breast was diagnosed as invasive breast cancer.

Reinisch is a USAT Triathlon Coach for the Roaring Fork Women's Triathlon Team, a sighted guide to world champion blind triathlete Nancy Stevens, Director of the Advocate Safehouse Mother's Day Mile and facilitator of Valley View Hospital's Cancer Coffee Walk and Talk Group.

Chemosabee: A Triathlete's Journey Through the First Year of Breast Cancer
is the story of her journal writings, photos, and special words of wisdom from friends and family as she candidly shares her battle to maintain her health, fitness, and sense of self throughout her cancer treatments.

As readers, we get a privileged peek into the ups and downs of living with breast cancer. Reinisch uses her psychotherapy skills and triathlon coaching tips to work through the physical and emotional road blocks that surfaced during her sixteen sessions of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and a BRCA 2 diagnosis.

Reinisch learns that it not only takes great strength to be a triathlete, but that that strength is a powerful force that can be channeled to overcome other challenges. Reinisch's style is both inspirational and informational.

A special forward is written by Nicole DeBoom of Boulder, Colorado; Ironman Champion, professional triathlete and CEO and Founder of SkirtSports, Inc. DeBoom met Reinisch during her cancer journey at several Colorado triathlons where they became acquaintances. DeBoom writes about triathlon as a metaphor to work through the difficult challenges that we face in life-whether it's starting a business, crossing the finish line, or coping with cancer.

In addition, Reinisch includes a personal photo gallery of surgical images not generally found in cancer help books. She included these photos to help women make the difficult decisions that are necessary during breast cancer diagnosis.

As one of her readers wrote. " I love this book! It's a cross between the New England Journal of Medicine and ESPN Sports Center, with a touch of Oprah!"

CHEMOSABEE is available at or

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