Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Posts From Kona, From My Friend Lee Gruenfeld.

Click the photo above to go to Ironman's live race coverage.

Ahhh, what I would give to be back in Kona this year.

Unfortunately, I'm land-locked and flight-grounded, with a challenging ear barotrauma to my right ear. It's healing slowly - and I've got my sights set on Kona, 2009, to get back to blog, to photograph, to video and share again.

Thanks to everyone sending in letters wondering where my Kona coverage is, it means the world to me that you enjoy it. Check out and for coverage this year.

Also, my great friend Lee Gruenfeld is blogging from Kona this year, providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the Kona Ironman 2008. Lee's blog can't be missed; his knowledgeable but humorous voice keeps you reading. As the event rolls closer, he will keep his finger on Kona's pulse, giving us the scoop on the buildup to the big day. Read Lee's latest article from Kona here. Check out the rest of his blog here.

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