Monday, September 8, 2008

Supermodel Ashley Ellis Swims La Jolla Rough Water

My friend Ashley participated in the La Jolla Roughwater Swim this past weekend on a perfect La Jolla day - she sent me this race report. I've been in the water with her before - she's fast...that's her in the middle.

From: Ashley Ellis
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 7:10 PM

Subject: MY first open water race - RECAP

Hey everyone - I wanted to share some exciting results and news from my first ever open race. I decided about 6 weeks ago that I was going to swim in an open water 1 mile race. I have never competed in the mile swim in my swimming , so this was going to be a new adventure.

With hardly any training - 3 Masters workouts, 3 ocean swims and a few side trainings - my goal was to finish in the top 50 for ALL Master's age groups - 19 to however old they go.
Well, for the four days leading up to the race I was in Vegas getting NO SLEEP and working a huge convention--you know how Vegas goes. I did not feel very well when heading to the event, but as it turns out I paced 1:18 and got 6th Overall with a time of 22:46. The girl who won had competed in two two national games!

I wish I had gotten 5th so I could get a medal -- but next time. If you are thinking about swimming in an open water race, you will love it!


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