Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Check Out The Competitors Radio Show

If you haven't yet heard of The Competitors Radio Show, you should start listening. Paul Huddle and Bob Babbit offer a lighthearted and humorous, yet highly informative look at the sport. The show, which airs every Sunday from 8-9 PM west coast time on The Mighty XX, regularly features interviews with all kinds of people associated with the world of triathlon.

In the past, Paul and Bob have talked with guests like Andy Baldwin, Dave Scott, and and Faris Al Sultan. This month, they will talk with champion cyclist Michael Seacrest, Steve Larsen, and Johan Otter, who saved his daughter from a bear attack in an incredible act of heroism.

If you can't catch their show on Sunday nights, you can now listen in on the web, where they post their shows the morning after the air. In fact, The Competitors Radio has been hard at work making hundreds of past shows available to the public. Go to their website and get some inspiration from the past 16 years of endurance racing.

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