Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Letter & A Photo from Thomas M. Begg...


Less than 50 days until Kona!! Hope to see you there….thought you would like this photo. The girls were the youngest to do the race--they had both done the “kids” Tri at Westpoint in years gone by. We ended up doing four sprint Tris with our daughters this year. Both girls are part of a new wave of young people, that learned from an older generation to enjoy racing. (By the way, our sons Billy Begg, IV (12) and TJ Begg (11) also did 3 sprint races this year. They were both the youngest at each event. All for us plan to do NYC Triathlon in '09!

The photo was taken on 8/24/08 at the Westpoint Tri (Photo by GRTRI Club)

Dr. Bill Begg III, daughter Erin Begg, Tom Begg, Sr, and daughter Caitlin Begg


Thomas M. Begg
Glen Rock Triathlon Club

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