Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nautica New York City Triathlon 2008 - Photo Gallery

I love Manhattan... and I love Triathlon. Today these two passions converged in New York City, as I covered the NYC Tri for , where it should air in a few weeks. Whew, what a day – the heat, the humidity and the jellyfish; racers, spectators and the city. New York is an unforgettable place to do a triathlon – and the participants in today’s Nautica New York City Triathlon will never forget this race.

If pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, then...

Get comfortable...


Swim Start

Tethered to a dream.

Triathlon's equivalent to Beckham and Posh, Arland and Jenny Fletcher.

Stella & co.

A merchandise sell out--even with the extra products--in a few days, all the merchandise was GONE.

Triathlon is the real Fountain of Youth that we all run through.

Pro men prepare for the swim.

Elite Women prepare to take the plunge.

On your mark...


Age groupers holding on to the rope, just before the horn sounds.

Support crew and bike protector.

The swim volunteers and medical crew were out in force, and even though we lost an athlete today, the medical crews and volunteers did a fantastic job.

Moments before the horn.

Pull over!

She was biking on the underwear run lead vehicle. (NOTE: Check back on Wednesday for the Underwear run photo gallery - the camera needs a special cable - so I'll post the underwear run shots when I get back to San Diego tomorrow...

A very HOT underwear run on a very HOT day.

The famous crew.
For more photos and coverage, click here.

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