Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Join A New Group for Triathletes on Linkedin.com

There is a new Linkedin group just for triathletes. Join the triathlete group at Linkedin to connect to people around the world who have discovered the real fountain of youth - triathlon. As long as you have completed at least one triathlon, you are eligible to join.
Group members can network with triathletes from across the globe. You'll be able to connect with potential training buddies in your area. You'll be able to search for that fellow racer you met in Hawaii. The sport of triathlon is full of amazing people. Now you have the opportunity to link with them in a place other than the starting line.
Linkedin's members are largely professionals involved in a wide variety of business ventures. The large number of triathletes who also boast successful day jobs will benefit from the chance to connect with others in their field. Linkedin also offers its members a place to look for jobs or find employees, and a means to ask questions and spark discussion with their colleagues.
Join today by clicking here.

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