Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heartfelt Sympanthy for the Family of Triathlete Esteban Neiva

A special note of heartfelt sympathy to the family of Esteban Neira, 32, a resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Neira was a triathlete who passed away during the swim in the NYC Triathlon today.

The triathlon family is large, and when we lose one from our ranks, we all share in the sadness. People wonder about the dangers of triathlon, and in comparison to this morning's swim, the NYC triathlon swim portion, even with the sporadic jellyfish bites, was one of the safest and shortest swims of our sport.

The wave starts spaced everyone out nicely, and the current pulled the athletes most of the way toward the finish.

Our numbers have grown in the sport of triathlon, and so have the number of triathletes with heart conditions that are doing
the event. Stay safe out there, and if you feel your heart beat in a strange way, seek a Doctor's advice.
The human condition is a fragile one - we live within a very narrow range of existence that is life. Cherish it, and take care of yourselves.


  1. Just a correction, the surname is Neira with an R. He was not only a great athelete he was an amazing human being.

  2. He was my cousin, and the pain at this moment of the family and friends is enormous. My gratefulness to Mitch Thrower by his blog.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I was in the race and helped get him in the boat that took him to the dock. He wasn't breathing by the time I got to him and I was the 3rd swimmer there. What a sad, sad situation and i learned he is the father of 3. My thoughts go out to all his loved ones.